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Burmese curly "Ngozi" Microlinks (I-tip) & Flat-tip Extensions

Burmese curly "Ngozi" Microlinks (I-tip) & Flat-tip Extensions

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Our Nubian Curl Collection consists of our raw Burmese tresses from Burmese South. These curls and waves are in their natural state . No steam processing or chemicals were used . It’s as raw as you can get !! They come in a wavy curl or a curly curl pattern. No two bundles are alike due to donors.

  Textures :

Burmese Curly “ Ngozi Curl”

  Burmese Wavy “Ihouma Curl”

 Our I-tips and flat tip  extensions are Handmade for each individual customer .Our Microbead (I-Tips) and Keratin Fusion (Flat tips ) are made with 100% human hair. .  This hair can also be curled, straightened and colored to achieve your desired look. I-Tip Strands/flat tip strands are approximately 0.8-1g/piece. We recommend a minimum of 2 packs for an average head. 


How Many I-tips  Extensions Are needed for a full Head?


Each pack of Ajuzie Hair  I-Tips/flat-tips  contains 100 strands. The end of each strand resembles the end of a shoestring which holds all the individual hairs together. A strand is made of approximately 0.8-1 gram of hair, and a full head of I-Link hair is about 200 strands  depending  on the look you are trying to achieve. 


****Our i tip/flat-tip  extensions are custom made upon order. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for processing and 2-3 days for shipping. 

Caring for I-Tip Beaded/flat-tip Extensions

You should always consult a stylist for hair care specific to your hair and extensions, but basic care routines should always incorporate the following basic tips:

  • Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners will help your hair last longer.

  • If you rock ponytails, messy buns, or up-dos, wear them loosely.

  • Use heat protectant if you can’t go without straightening or curling your hair.

  • Use a basic bottom-up brushing technique with the proper extension brush.

The Price is per one bundle (100 pieces)